Monday, 4 July 2016

My Gap Year, Italy and Greece

Hi! Picking up from where we left off, we were living like zombies in Dubrovnik until it was time to pack up and fly out to Greece. But first, Italia...

We had a 24 hour stopover in Rome. Half our crew were either still in bed or extremely ill. So Delysse, Chan and I decided to explore the city as much as we could. 

The colosseum. Our tour guide was more boring than my statistics lecturer at uni.. zzz

On our hop on hop off bus... chick at the back doesn't seem too impressed


Anchovies on Pizza A++++

After the colosseum, we decided to pop by the Vatican City. Turns out to enter you must cover your shoulders and knees.. (please refer to before photo at the Colosseum to see what we were wearing - singlet and denim shorts so we got rejected at the entrance).

We were however determined to explore the city so we got creative. I had a tshirt and a pair of track pants in my bag, and Eyan had a jacket. So I put my trackies and Eyan's jacket on. And Eyan put my Elvis tshirt on. Almost there, except Eyan's shorts were too short.. and we've run out of fabric.

So I told Eyan to pull her tshirt down to cover her ass.. and pull her shorts all the way down to thigh level (like how Eminem does). And walla, shorts covered knees haha

Gelato time

After a full day of exploring and eating lots of pasta, I fell asleep on our hotel room's floor until we had to go to the airport in the morning. Enroute to Greece! Couldn't wait for a comfortable night's sleep in my own bed and in fresh clothes.

...Except, ALL of our luggages got lost in transit. I had officially worn the Elvis (my dog) Tshirt for 3 days in a row. 


Got to our hotel in Mykonos, ALL the girls went to sleep again. They had been asleep for like 4 days straight by now. Chan and I decided to explore the city again. This was our first beach side meal.

My nose is gone. I am voldermort..

Take away greek food.. So amazing

So our clothes finally arrived and I got to play dress up. 

This is the biggest B52 shot i've had. Took 5 people to finish it.

Another night in Greece all the girls were in bed.. Chan and I soldiered on. No sleep in greece.

Nammos! My FAVOURITE place of the trip.

When there's not enough space on the table for you to dance on, grab 2 chairs and make your own podium :p oh and I made friends with Drake (behind me in the photo) :p

Not my mate. Mid brush she runs out our room bottom-less and spills tooth paste everywhere..

Santorini <3

A1 Baklava

Last drink before my return to Sydney :(